Fairflow boasts of a comprehensive infrastructure that is equipped with state-of-the-art machines to complement the company's exhaustive production processes. The cutting-edge technology implemented by Fairflow allows the company to not only manufacture quality products but also meet versatile client demands of any volume with ease.

The company's skilled workforce further ensures that Fairflow's facilities work at their fullest potential by closely monitoring production operations and conducting periodic system checks to ensure smooth functioning.

Some highlights of Fairflow's infrastructural strength include:

  • NC Sharing Machine 01 Nos
    • 2500 X 4 MM capacity for MS and 2500 X 4 MM capacity for SS materials
    • Highly accurate NC features
    • In-built hydraulic systems with minimum maintenance
  • CNC Press Break 01 Nos
    • Capacity 2500 X 4 MM for MS and 2500 X 4 MM for SS materials
    • Superior hydraulic functions for high accuracy levels With ATS 680 Controller
    • Includes latest CNC features
  • Power Press Machines 02 Nos
    • Capacity 20 Ton
    • Advanced Pneumatic operations
  • SPM Bending Machines -01 Nos
  • SPM Grooving Machines 01 Nos
  • SPM Core Pulling Machines 01 Nos
  • Drill machine -01 Nos
  • MIG Machines 01 Nos
  • TIG Machines 01 Nos
  • Screw compressor 01 nos
  • Hand tool pop rivet machine, pneumatic Screw, Drill, Grinder machine